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Innovations that stick. Robotic solutions that re-invent the way of work.

We build robots

VertDrive, established in 2008, is an innovative company that designs safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective robotic solutions. Our client base extends across many industries, such as the maritime shipping, offshore and petrochemical sectors.

Our mission is to deliver excellent engineering solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations through the application of sound engineering principles. We strive for client satisfaction by designing user-friendly and low-maintenance machines and by ensuring fast on-site support.

Mission Statement

We develop and produce robotic solutions that re-invent the way of work at impossible places. Starting from attraction, we look at safety, accessibility and efficiency from every perspective, in 360 degrees. Ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


With drive and innovation we strive to determine the standard in the market. With passion we come up with new solutions for the challenges of our customers. We do not consider ourselves limited by any present boundaries. Living up to these values, we bring the future closer and our attraction is strengthened.

Our people work passionately and with conviction on a permanent lead. We are only satisfied when our customer is. This is where our products prove their true value. Value that we create with the idea that the impossible sometimes is only difficult. Our starting point is to look at problems from a different perspective – with safety, accessibility and efficiency in mind. Perspectives may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, 360. At high altitudes and at deep depths.

Creating such value is feasible only when standing next to our customer and in close cooperation with the best business partners. We do not keep questions to ourselves, we think consciously aloud, with customers, suppliers and colleagues. We strongly believe technology is not developed by robots but by people instead; people who are attracted to each other in their creativity, performance and love for their profession. Together we bring innovation to new solutions, driven, safe and proud.

Quality Policy

Strive for excellence in all we do in order to provide the highest quality products and services that meet our customers’ expectations.

Take responsibility and ownership for all our activities and towards all our stakeholders and customers.

Innovation and continuous improvement, in combination with process approach and risk based thinking, are our main keys to success.

Continuously comply with legislation, regulations and customer requirements through determining, reviewing and allocating (human) resources needed for our business processes.

Knowledge of our customer requirements is the basis to develop solutions.

Core values

All “VertiDrivers” take responsibility for their deliverables (products and services) to their (internal) customer. We also take our responsibility for the environment by producing energy-efficient, reducing waste as much as possible and disposing it separately.

Challenges and opportunities are dealt with both hands to develop new safe and efficient solutions.

Customer-solution focus
The customer is our primary focus. By carefully listening to their needs and requirements we strive to
exceed their expectations in delivering our (innovative) solutions.

A deal is a deal, this not only applies to appointments with our customers, but also for those with our suppliers, our colleagues and other stakeholders.

We treat everyone as we want to be treated ourselves. By jointly ensuring a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment VertiDrive wants to be an attractive employer.


M2 Handy

Magnetic power for washing & blasting

M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting

M4 Series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes

M7 Series

Most compact and versatile, greatest holding force

M8 Series

The new state of the art cargo hold cleaning solution